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Established in 2012 in Beijing, PEC employs professionally trained and qualified teachers, the majority of whom are from the UK. Based on the British Preparatory school system, we use the new English National Curriculum and expertly tailor it to the unique needs of our students. Over five short years, we have grown into a vibrant communit..

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英国周末学校万圣节Party Show(en)

万圣节是西方的传统节日! Halloween当天同学们化身变成捣鬼捣蛋的精灵。 恐怖的鬼怪元素一下就变得温馨可爱起来! 在西方,为庆祝万圣节的来临,孩子们会装扮成各种可爱的鬼怪向逐家逐户地敲门,要求获得糖果,否则就会捣蛋。而同时传说这一晚,各种鬼怪也会装扮成小孩混入群众之中一起庆祝万圣节的来临,而人类为了让鬼怪更融洽才装扮成各种鬼怪。 Party Show 在万圣节装扮日,所有的学生装扮成鬼怪的(en)


这部以世界历史为主题的英文戏剧是由所有孩子主导、教师辅助创作的。整台演出包含12幕,从绿林侠客罗宾汉到宇航员尼尔·阿姆斯特朗,从历史名船泰坦尼克号到航海家克里斯托弗·哥伦布,由历史人物和事件串联,英文歌曲和诗歌穿插其中。 (en)

The performance of 2018

Sunday last week, after several months of rehearsal, our stage play was officially performed. All students have been working really hard for past few weekends. Them gather in the school early on Sunday, which ready to go to the place of the performance for the final rehearsal.

PEC presents TIME SHIFT…… coming soon

This year our summer production is called TIME SHIFT and it takes the form of a television programme about history. Throughout the programme, the television presenters introduce us to different items which tell the stories of interesting and significant episodes in history. Each class has studied their historical item in depth, so tonight’s performance is a culmination of many weeks of learning.

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